Waiting: Prosperity:
An auspicious omen.An auspicious omen: Food and Gold.

I woke up just in time to see what I've been waiting for: Doctor Who's regeneration from John Pertwee to Tom Baker (my favorite Dr. Who). It's 3:39 in the morning. They must be showing these all night. It's raining.

There's a buzz about a neighborhood uprising about sky-scrapers going up in the neighborhood. Dad said that he would have to ask his mother about what is going on.

At the time of the American Revolution, there were only 3 million persons living along the Atlantic seaboard. Behind them lay a continent with a very small population of Indians who lacked technological development and could be pushed out of the way. Because so much good land was there to be taken, it remained cheap and available. The so-called Frontier Ethic was established. Total freedom was implied.1

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