Waiting: Misfortune: Insignificant trifles.
Insignificant trifles: evil.
A scoundrel's lodgings.

There's an even bigger storm blowing in. It's good that I waited. I wouldn't have been able to install the piece. I found out that it's about a 6-7 hour drive. I'd like to leave tonight, but I'll keep an eye on the weather. I got some food but there's still lots I can do in preparation for the trip. I should do the car first.

A counselor told me that my relationship with my parents was unhealthily co-dependent. She assumed that I was living with them. She said that they may not need to live together anymore. The counselor turned out to be my dentist. I told this to my mother in a skeptical tone in order to not hurt her feelings.

On an object as large as the earth, the thin film of soil - usually only about one to six feet thick - which covers most of the land surface, could hardly be considered significant. The soil is of vital importance to people, for our very existence depends on this "insignificant" layer.1

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