Waiting: Prosperity: An auspicious omen.
An auspicious omen: food and gold.

I don't want to leave yet. I have to clean the house, pay the bills, and just generally get prepared. It's part of the ritual. Preparing for my documentation delayed the preparation for the ritual, so preparation is the ritual.

I was telling the Dean about my plans for getting my Master's at St. John's. He thought it was a great idea but he would offer no hope about the possibility of another music position becoming available and my being able to apply for it.

An idea of leaders in many fields has been to bring about more equitable distribution of the world's wealth with a concomitant improvement in the overall standard of living. An example of this present inequality is the fact that the United States, with less that 6% of the world's population, uses over one third of the total resources used by the world annually.1

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