Waiting: Prosperity: An auspicious omen.
An auspicious omen: food and gold.

I woke up to pee. Might go back to sleep. Washington Week in Review is on. Eastern Europe. Gebhart criticizes Bush. Recommends our sending aid to Russia. More news on Iran and hostages. North at Poindexter trial. Postage going up.

Alan got a new girl friend. He turned into Lee and had me over for dinner in his new place in Deep Ellum. Lee left to go to a club to go to the bathroom. It had one toilet, a sink, and a long urinal that was placed too high for peeing. Seemed to be designed for mass teeth brushing. I peed in the sink. Imana or Barbara found us in the bathroom and propped the door open. I came out and found Alan, et al, playing pool. I asked if it was dangerous living so into downtown. Imana/Barbara said "Not at all!" I borrowed their key to put away my soap and toothbrush.

Domestic sewage, averaging from 100 to 150 gallons per person per day, amounts to between 20 and 30 billion gallons per day in the United States. This effluent can be divided into two major components - water and solids; water from the community water supply into which we add urine, feces, paper, soap, detergents, grease, garbage and food waste from the kitchen.1

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