Arkoma Basin Piece


Active flux.
There is waiting.

Possibilities by means of penetrating,
And things which penetrate completely,
To achieve desires.

Great ranks gather together
In the palace harmoniously;
The humble man in lowly cottage
Waits empty-handed.

The house is a mess! I'm just too tired to do anything about it and I smell bad. I ordered a pizza. I'll eat and take a bath. I get so worked up talking about my work. That's probably why I smell bad. Had a long day in the car.

Graves. Rotting smells and worms.

The United States generates more than 250 million tons of waste from homes and businesses. It costs nearly five billion dollars a year to have this waste taken to the city dump for disposal. Nearly half of this waste consists of paper or paper products, about 12 percent is glass, nearly 10 percent is garbage, about 5 percent is plastic and rubber products, and the remainder is wood, grass, leaves, and dirt.1

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