The arrow points to a season of doubt;
Inheriting calamities.

The following text is from another Novena; one which was also devoted to the Dog/Mother and which was probably more successful only in that respect. The Muse/Lizard enters without the eroticism that came into the Oshkosh Novena for obvious reasons. This performance was done with my daughter, Rachel, whom I have had the responsibility of both mother and father for almost all of her life. The Lizard can still be seen, though, in the art-piece that was installed and through the dreams which occurred so frequently that I could describe one for every day of the Novena. The sculpture, which was installed on the Arkoma Basin in Oklahoma, was an unfired clay stratigraphic model of this area where my father discovered some natural gas. The sculpture looked something like a human torso cut in three parts (by faults) and was "stuffed" with my pony-tail attached to an origami puppet and one of my wisdom teeth.The Lizard/Muse also influenced the juxtaposition of texts: T'ai Hsuan Ching, daily journal, dream, and selections from a book entitled Man and His Geologic Environment. The Lizard is credited with all elements of chance.

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