Softness in the heart makes sickness;
Softness in the mind is a guardian.

Krishna/Lion will destroy the demons of doubt through other means than have been used thus far. The Lion may have been speaking all along but with as much sensitivity as possible to the feelings and sensibilities of the Lizard/Muse. The Lizard is a prime motivator in my art and, even as a lover, demands total devotion on many levels of being, but more especially emotionally. I do her bidding and the analysis comes later. For now, that would put me in the Romantics' camp, however, I may not stay there. I can be a classicist as you may see later. For this reason I am still like Hermes, god of merchants and thieves, who changes according to the situation.


It is a symbol: supposing, therefore,
That the end should lack opposition?

Most studies begin by defining terms and, along with the terminology, a particular perspective develops. This one perspective is maintained throughout the study for the sake of developing new ideas that have an inherited validity partly from the consistency of the argument. I, on the other hand, am being shamelessly inconsistent through excessive exploitation of "artistic license." Again, this is because of my insistence on honesty. I do not have only one consistent perspective.

I have chosen to begin with an interaction of certain metaphors. Each metaphor is a complex system. Their interaction creates new more complex systems. It may be possible to work on in a more reductionist way and reduce the metaphors down to chemical processes and electrical impulses. A part of me wants to do that, but not the Muse/Lizard. The Muse/Lizard can hardly stand to be talked about. The metaphors each are alive and full of emotional content.


Yellow mushrooms do not bear children
As soon as there is a gap in the clouds.

So, I am sacrificing a certain kind of clarity for honesty and new fruits that may grow out of the process.


Yellow mushrooms do not bear children:
Clothing for a couple.

I also realize that I may be sacrificing the facility for finding a suitable market for my work. The Lizard is absolutely irresponsible as far as material gain is concerned.

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