A low-lying marsh
Signifies a crowd of people
Glistening altogether.

We began improvising, alternating between slow motion and quick bird-like movements around my spirals. We worked our way into a sideways-growing tree. I took off my dress, bra, shoes and socks and wore nothing but my long blue skirt. Bob was totally naked in the tree. I enjoyed moving my body around and through the leaves which tickled my breasts. I lay down on the cool sand and pressed my back and then my breasts against the earth's moist grainy surface. I imagined making love to the Earth. Bob seemed so agile in his trance-like state as he lowered himself down from the tree. He crawled between my legs and I rested my head on his back with my face towards his butt. I gently stroked the crack of his ass and he instantly got an erection. Bob wanted to have sex, but I felt too exposed and paranoid. He finally seduced me (after I was dressed) into having sex with me in the van, but when we got there, it was full of flies and mosquitoes. My hesitation saved me from Bob's embarrassment, because, within the next minute, a pick-up arrived carrying two humans. One was a child. Bob was still totally naked. He said, "Oh shit, oh shit" and hopped into the van. I fetched his clothes while they got back into their truck and drove away.

Although I still miss the kids, I'm not looking forward to ending the Novena. I'm surprised by how much I've enjoyed bird-watching! Have I become one of those eccentric khaki-covered ladies that prefers birds to humans?

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