TSENG is the nobleman;
A knife is scratching something out.


I'm a bird.
I'm a bird.
I'm a bird.
This is a woman's piece.

Nancy: Day 8. We woke up on the 8th day to another dawn chorus of melodious meadowlarks, virtuosic bushtits, piping finches, . . . We left early for Big Alice. This time we used electronics hooked up to Bob's VW battery. I walked down the beach and found big clumps of mown grass that had washed up along the shoreline. I kept getting images of birds coming and going, taking the slender blades from the clumps for their nests. This idea inspired me to hollow out bird places in the grass. I lined some of the holes with little bright yellow leaves. When I walked back in the direction in which I had come, I found Bob in a sort of trance making sounds into his microphone, processed by electronics, and interacting with the songs of birds, wind and water sounds. I moved about the beach listening to the echoing birds. At one point, I made another installation that was caused by my dance movements. The center of the piece in a large rock in a hole that I dug with the rock. I had been using the rock and all of its weight to swing me in my dance. The hole has marks radiating from it that were formed by my dancing the sand away with my hands. I call the piece "Part of a Dance".

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