There is increase;
It is light in the darkness.

Bob: Our UFO's covered in bug guts from flying too low to the ground.

Nancy: Day 7. Ah, alone again (almost) at last. Most of the 4th of July mob has cleared our; gone off to watch or shoot off fireworks I suppose. It's peaceful here again where we sleep, bathe, etc. I woke up at 5:00 am this morning and decided to stay awake and take a shower since the alarm was set to go off at 5:45 anyway. I had the bathroom completely to myself; hot water and all!

We went back to Big Alice. The water level has gone way down! When the farmers drain the lake for irrigation, they don't mess around. The beach had really grown. We could walk much farther around the lake without being blocked by trees and underbrush.

I did an installation while Bob tried to get his electronics to work on the DC/AC inverter that was hooked up to the van's battery. The installation was composed of two large connected spirals of different sizes drawn in the sand. Rocks, wood, and glass were placed in the center of the larger spiral. The delicately balanced part of the arched piece were blown down. After we had fixed it we found our first installation of the Novena perfectly undisturbed.

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