There is no increase;
It is the direction.

When we got back to our campsite, we had our usual siesta and watched the wildlife around us, including the other campers. The killdeer was still screaming while it chased its young along the shore of the lake (which seems to be growing as the waterline rapidly lowers). We saw why flickers are called flickers. A flicker couple moved around together like an old married couple. The male followed the female around while she flicked debris as far as four feet in every direction. We laughed as we watched a squirrel gather chunks of dry dog food and bury them so that he would have a grove of dog food trees. We saw a drunk man and woman fondle each other as they staggered to shore pulling their boat on a rope.

The bathrooms stayed crowded until bedtime. I saw some Native Americans which made me feel a little more at home. But then, I overheard some rednecks make some stupid remarks about "hippies." I was sure they were talking about us. I really have no use for other people right now.

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