Hear the Oracle!
TSENG increasing in the darkness:
Inside, it is distinct.


My thoughts hang in a delicate balance
On the arc of your being.
Even gentle breezes make them swing and slip.
The wind causes the gently lapping waves;
My lapping tongue.

Nancy: Day 6. I woke up earlier than usual this morning. The showers had been very crowded and the hot water had been almost used up, but this morning our hung-over neighbors left the bathrooms deserted! I quickly got my toiletries and some clothes and hurried over for a hot (!) shower. Within the hour the place got busy again. From now on, I'm getting up before 6:00.

We decided to try and escape from the crowd by going to another wildlife refuge that was much farther away called Stateline Island. The pamphlets said that it was a great place for birds and the home of 20 bald eagles. Well, it used to be an island! We didn't see many birds but we did see the varied textures of its various native grasses. I lost my sweatshirt while we were hiking there, I guess. I suppose the loss balanced out my karma for finding a very fancy cowboy hat on the way there. I think I'm going to try and beat it up so that it doesn't look so cowboyish.

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