T'UNG, the tailless deer butting their heads;
Cottage ashes are this Head.

I added more curved branches to the archway and Bob balanced fine, yellowish sticks that reached from one side of the arch to the other. Bob's swinging parts dipped down in the middle of the arch mirroring rather than completing it. We documented the piece with photographs and then Bob set the video camera at some distance away so we could become more dance-like.

I began by reclining near the installation, forming and archway with my torso and limbs as Bob approached from farther away down the shoreline. I moved into the shallow water and, when Bob joined me, we started to splash while we walked and stomped around. Bob left the water and I found the very soft mucky sand at the water's very edge where I worked my feet in up to, and then, beyond my ankles. I stayed there rooted for a while while Bob was on his hands and knees picking up small pieces of glass and placing them around the installation. Soon I began making great loud sucking noises with my feet in the clingy muddy sand. I worked myself loose and saw that my feet were completely covered with fine wet sand. I went to where Bob was, showed him my feet, and said, "shoes!" I lay down near him and covered my feet with dry sand. I moved my arms and legs in the air while lying on my back and showing Bob my pussy. Bob interacted with this movement by putting his face between my legs and licking me! His tongue moved with the wind and lapping waves. Eventually I got up and ran away from Bob's penis which was so hugely erect that it bounced wildly while he ran. I couldn't help laughing hysterically about it.

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