Entering wealth,
In the East, at early morning,
The light is not enough to go by.

Bob: What kind of self-acceptance canst thou have to follow such a fool as I, oh Grasshopper?

Nancy: Day 4. Another full, full day. We hiked over to Winter's Creek Lake where there was another wildlife refuge. As we walked up a little road leading to it, we saw deer that were so close that Bob seemed blown away. It is pretty awesome being so close to such a magnificent and noble creature. We found a deserted, little beach and sat for a while. We, of course, saw more bird species.

We hiked farther around the lake. At one point we came across a magpie sitting pensively on a low tree branch. We got very close to him but he just kept looking at us, boldly, as we walked by. I told Bob that the bird was giving me the creeps. When we had reached the end of the trail we decided to head back to the little beach for snacks. I said, as we were walking back, that if the magpie was still on that same tree branch, I was really going to be scared. And there he was! He stayed there looking at us while I walked closer and closer to him and asked him what he was doing and was he ok. He moved about two steps farther into the tree. Then he showed us his splendid plumage by first showing one wing (stre-eh-tch) and then showing me both wings simultaneously. We laughed and joked about it but I must admit that it made me nervous. Bob said that the magpie probably knew the page numbers for his picture and description in our field guides.

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