The great raising of the curtain screens,
By which the visitor is shown direction.

We arrived back at "our" little beach. We listened to the maniacal laughter and eerie, mournful "whoos" of the loons that live in the reedy parts of the lake. We finally saw one well enough to identify it. We also saw a wood thrush, water pipit, a type of duck, and a cuckoo bird (sans clock). These sightings bring our "life list" to 24 so far! As we were hiking back from our ideal little beach, we saw what may have been the same deer that first greeted us at Winter's Creek Lake.

When we got back to camp, we immediately showered and spent the rest of the day napping, cooking, eating, and trying to stay out of the wild winds that had blown up. Oh yes, we also had sex, in lace robes no less. I've decided to wait until tomorrow to try and call Taffney and Jade because we will be going into town for supplies after returning to Big Alice for the second time. Also, today is my mother's birthday and the first day of their month-long driving vacation with Ford and Lou. Happy, happy birthday, Mom, and bon voyage!

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