Feet are bound, are bound.
His steps staggering.

After it started getting cooler we walked back to the phone prepared to swim if we felt like it. Jade answered the phone! It was so good to hear her little voice. Taffney was out with her boyfriend, Ben. After I talked with Jade for long time, Ken had to talk to me for a long while also. He had decided not to take Jade to California. Taffney had quit her job at the pet store. Her last day would be soon after we got back. Jade had missed band only twice which is pretty good for Ken. Ken has no self-discipline. He let Ben take his car a few times to get Jade to band.

It was almost dark when I had finished talking on the phone. Bob was a little annoyed that I had talked to Ken for so long. We were going to have a big long-distance bill when we got home. However, I felt almost completely relieved. My worries were totally relieved when Bob turned on the T.V. and we found two stations. We watched the end of a movie and a public television special about Johnny Carson coming back to Nebraska for his high school reunion. I finally felt relaxed and at home. Bob and I had sweet and uninhibited sex that night. Thus, it was the end of the first day.

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