Yellow is not Yellow;
Back and forth goes the Autumn routine.

The Mockingbird is invoked by the word Autumn because I have associated the Mockingbird with that season in the following poem:

Winter Solstice Ritual

by Bob Price and Nancy Coscione



Rising Lion

Morning sprouts

Warm gentle sex


Happiness' perfume

Songs bloom.


Hot green Sun

Cicadas sweat gold


Silly electricity

Photosynthesizing immodestly

Dog flies.


Thoughtful Mockingbird

Families' protection

Living room sorrows


Wind blows earth smells

Hot cocoa

Crunching amber Moon.


Great Dragon


Death - Change

Ancient Cabalistic statues


Black stars

New-born seeds.

As the poem implies, the cycle is as follows: East-Spring-Lion, South- Summer-Dog, West-Autumn-Mockingbird, and North-Winter-Muse. The Tsan of the Tai Hsuan Ching begin on the Winter Solstice and end on the last day of Autumn. This work should reflect the cycles of the seasons used by the Tai Hsuan Ching. The discussion may flow from the art itself to more of the theory behind the art and its philosophical implications to the ethics or morals issues brought out of the previous topics to the social implications and practical applications of the art. This should create an interesting dialogue among the often conflicting personalities which influence the "I."

Again, the Mockingbird reminds me that we do not live in a vacuum. All of our actions do influence others who I must at least treat as if they are real. What if they are? Sometimes art can be a powerful force toward bringing awareness of social injustice and even defend its own freedom. The political situation sometimes causes art to become political although the work was not originally intended to be so. I will speak more about this in the section dedicated to the Mockingbird.

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