Not fortuitous.
Great falsehoods
Since the deflection.

Bob: I, who presume to be a Mockingbird, joined my fellow House Sparrows. Was there also a Starling among us? All of us have become so good at imitating such a variety of species that we presume more and more. And that's OK! Chirrup!

Nancy: I awoke with a terrible hangover. It was particularly hard trying to hide my discomfort from Bob's Baptist parents. I even had to vomit quietly in their bathroom. It was Bob's birthday and we had to meet Tre, Bob's ex, and Rachel for breakfast. Needless to say, I had very little appetite. During breakfast Tre was acting like she was put out about not having friends or family anymore. Well, she wasn't invited to last night's wedding. She had been a part of that community and had considered, at one time, many of the guests as some of her closest friends. Especially Ric who was her first husband's, Scooter, best friend. Scooter was the best man at the wedding. The plan was to take Rachel and caravan with Bob's parents to their cabin. They wanted us to see it since it had been fixed up and Rachel and Bob wanted to spend some time together for his birthday. The cabin is furnished with what we had when we had a house. I want a house!

Bob gave Rachel an hour flute lesson and then went out to the store room to get some of his brochures. I stayed in a sort of trance with Bob's mom in the cabin that still hadn't quite cooled off with their new air-conditioning. Bob's mother and daughter huddled together to comfort each other as we left. Bob's father started to cry when he had tried to say good-bye. I almost started crying.

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