Hoarded in the heart of the abyss,
The mind outside it.

The intellect's job is to seek knowledge of the mysteries of the heart.


Feasting, eating:
Regulations, regulations;
Their purposes dependent, dependent.
Advantageous to levy taxes on purchases.

As in the case of most artists, I only see money as providing the necessary resources to create successful projects and to support my family. When I receive money from tax dollars there is not the trickle-down effect described by conservatives where others benefit from serving a few affluent people. When I get funding, I still barely get by and I often involve others in my projects who are directly benefited by being paid, but also each project serves a wider community through the arts events themselves as well as through workshops. Artists need to experience working with varieties of people and they make great "angels of mercy" for people with special needs.


The yellow heart sits in the belly.
The white breast gives life to flesh.
Trust in virtue, not in making amends.

Ideally, I envision myself depending, once again, on grants for arts projects and teaching others. I would have health insurance from teaching at a university rather than depending on Medicaid as I am now. I would have a performing ensemble that would form a core group that I could count on for working on projects. I would also do a variety of solo work which would be a way to work through some of my own needs and sharing my ideas with my community. The work would be very involved with an organization (like Tessera Hospitalis which I once incorporated and was active for a while) which would match artists with therapists for applying art to helping people with special needs such as physical therapy and psychotherapy. I would also be involved with an art school made up a various ensembles of all media and their respective non-profit corporations. The corporations could find their own funding for projects which involve students and the wider community. New and economically viable groups would naturally come out of this school.

All of the above has occurred in my life before. The idea for the art school seems to have never happened before although I did teach at UTD once that was trying to provide a kind of alternative to artists seeking an education in the Dallas community. However, these wonderful activities did not occur simultaneously. If the arts were properly supported in this country, these activities could happen simultaneously because the need is there. Each activity would support the other and the community supporting their arts in this way would have a group of artists with the freedom and support to make a mark in history and dramatically help the growing consciousness of society in general.

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