Striking the stones,
Breaking open
The wooden bands.
Splitting flesh.
Great Yin freezing solid;
Fearful of taking the first step outside
To penetrate Yang's abode.

13. Works involving community focusing on a particular social problem (for example: I participated in a piece called 64 Beds by Sally Jacques which raised awareness as well as funds for the homeless.)


Putting one's back into the task.

If you are still reading this, I congratulate you for putting up with the ideas as they have threaded in and out of each other. The Tsans have caused this chapter to be particularly complex structurally. However, it reads more like my journals and gives the reader a better picture of my everyday life. Perhaps the reader may see more relationships now between who I am and what I am trying to do and their own dreams. The Mockingbird is primarily responsible for interfacing the rest of me with the rest of the world. The Mockingbird maintains and protects the others materially in a similar way that the Lion was seen to protect the Muse theoretically. The Mockingbird can learn the disciplines of the others particularly in being creative spontaneously and appreciating randomness. However, the Mockingbird is very practical and necessarily uses any other process he can find that might work. In a way he experiments more than all the others and is more likely to fail because, unlike the others, he can fail because the criteria has been made only too clear for judging his success (i.e through monetary gain, audience numbers, growth of the organization, etc.)


Toil possesses grace,
Diligence -- control, control.
The Knight possesses the Center.

The Mockingbird can be a Don Quixote in that he trusts the subjective perceptions of the beings who are more at home in the shadowy world of the unconscious while dealing with the day-world consciousness of others. The Mockingbird is probably the personality that is projected to others by me most often. My friends often see me spending many long hours writing grant proposals or seeking work which better supports my family as well as the other parts of my personality. Soon the Mockingbird will be very involved in trying to get this book published.


A noose;
My flesh is myself.

Since the Mockingbird is the most like my ego and, therefore, is the "I" which tries to utilize everything for some practical purpose. The Mockingbird seldomly has experiences the "I-Thou" because its concern for survival keeps him focused on the "I-It."

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