Eyesight dimmed.
Getting brighter.

The Ghost Dance Religion's followers believed in the return of their ancestors and the decline of the white man's dominance. Perhaps this is happening through the multiplying of the mixed-bloods who are realizing their need for their Indian heritage. I once read somewhere that a Maori woman said that the only way to conquer the white man is to marry him. Most of us are of mixed heritage and, as we learn about the old ways and integrate them into our lives, the dominance of the white man (mental/rational) wanes.


Heaven does not inspect its boundaries.

All corporations in the United States work on the mental-rational perspective. Even foundations, who are said to make their decisions from the heart, base their decisions on the cost effectiveness of their dollars which is measured in practical objective ways. Noam Chomsky has stated that both political parties serve the interests of businesses. Therefore, proposals based on subjective principles would certainly result in failure. The benefits of the project based on a mental-rational perspective must be emphasized. That's where the Mockingbird begins to work for me. The Mockingbird is grounded in this world and considers the practical effects of a project.


A metal mirror is the divination.

One can thus easily see the difficulties trying to get corporate or foundation support for a project which would involve, for example, the White Buffalo. The "white" mental-rational perspective comes into direct conflict with the "red" magical-mythical perspective. I can see proposals which speak of enhancing tourism being acceptable to a local arts agency while it would be repulsive to the Native American community.

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