The treasury is empty;
Therefore the great are denied life.

I have heard too many people tell me that they are not creative. One is too many! To me, it is like saying "I have no soul. I am an empty shell." Perceiving is creating since perception seems to involve a great amount of projection. They mean that they are not "artistic" in the sense that I have described myself as an artist in an earlier part of this work. In other words, they are thinking that they are more involved in the reality that they perceive to be outside of themselves than the one that seems to come from within? Possibly, they do not associate their "ego" or the one they call "I" as the creator. Where do they think their dreams come from?

People also often say "I am not talented" which, to me, seems to mean "I have not developed a skill which allows me to communicate my inner vision to others." If the skill comes easily to someone else, they say that they are "talented." Most of these so-called "talented" people have developed their skills through their constant need to express and compare their inner realities to others', and even to get feed-back from the "less-talented." I believe that we all have this need and are potentially "talented." Those who have talked themselves into being "untalented", or have been talked into by others, have only to stop the self-maligning talk and enjoy the warm glow of their own inner creative light. I realize that this may be a difficult process but it must be done. Teachers who tell students that they have no talent are like murderers of souls. They snuff out the light in the inner child's eyes.

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