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The legend of Joseph of Arimethea is not well known so I will tell some of the story here. Joseph was the wealthy Hebrew man from Arimethea who we read of in the Bible who asked for Christ's body after the crucifixion from Pontius Pilate. He provided the linen and the oils to anoint Christ's body as well as his own tomb for Christ's internment. Joseph acquired the famous relics including the Holy Grail containing the sacrament of Christ's body or the ''Pascal Lamb'' and the Spear of Longinus that pierced Christ's side. The Philistines became angry with Joseph for giving Christ a proper burial and imprisoned Joseph in a windowless cell. He spend forty years there ''which seemed like three days to him'' until Christ came to him and lifted the prison up off the ground and took him away. The Hebrews were astonished.


The vermilion metal coffer.

Joseph took his family, followers and relics to France where he was baptized by St. Philip. He was told to go to Britain and preach to the barbarians there. All of the tales about King Arthur and his knights are deeply intertwined with this St. Joseph's legend.

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