Lesser people inspect the outside,
They are unable to see into the heart.

4. Art and Land Reclamation

Today, the environment is at the top of the list of social concerns. Art has been used in creative ways in land reclamation. Earth Works was a project in King County, Washington incorporating the talents of many artists to design environmental sculptures where the environment has been marred by industry. One abandoned mine was completely transformed into a beautiful sculpture by Robert Morris.1

Bobette Higgins organized a collaboration of artists (including myself) who designed an art and sound installation for land fills. Six states and many more cities have 1% for art laws which require companies to allocate 1% of their construction costs to art.2 Many of these funds have gone to environmental art installations but most commonly go towards art purchases which are owned by the company and appreciate in value.

1 Earthworks: Land Reclamation as Sculpture; Seattle Arts Commission; 1979.
2 Kite, Paul; Reclamation Art; 1985.

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