Falling words are like water;
Their substance is by Heaven parted.

Some see being an artist as answering a calling in the same way a Baptist preacher would answer "the call." It's like a disease that affects the whole family because it damages the artist's ability as a provider. The Mockingbird is concerned with providing for his family. The Mockingbird has helped me in spite of my sickness. My sickness is so great that I don't even want to charge anyone for my service. I am not elitist because everyone has access to what I do and can even perform with me. My sickness causes me to desperately want to spread the disease/religion and I have been pretty good at doing that. The Mockingbird helps me use my creative skills to find ways to keep creating and still survive. AFDC is a way to survive.


Words lacking practical help
Are a hindrance;
They fly past
The great man shaking as if by the wind.

Art is spiritual for me and is to be shared freely. I can find ways that the art benefits others so that foundations, corporations, and the government would want to support it. Art is uplifting. It explores the unconscious in subtle and beautiful ways if not always pleasant. I have been all through this in my other chapters and by now, if you have read this far, you probably agree that there are benefits in supporting the arts.


No single word is trifling when spoken.
Look at the adornment above.

The arts are the expressions of our souls. Through the creative expression of the arts something of what is deep inside is communicated to others without being complicated by a predetermined dogma or ideology of an established religion.

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