Yin guards the great closure;
Yang however, the small opening.

I have been trying to get funding for a Novena in South Dakota which would involve a mine-reclamation piece in the Black Hills. The Sioux would, of course, need to be involved in design, implementation and maintenance of the piece. The mining companies are required to "rehabilitate" the mines when they cease being productive. The project would help the mine get some positive publicity while they do what they have to do anyway. It would also help provide more meaningful symbols for the indigenous people of the Black Hills that would tie in with their beliefs concerning the return of their ancestors from the Black Hills. Also, a new and unique earth work would be created through efforts of a particular culture group. This is the type of project that should help everyone. Should I be organizing this project?

Mountains, streams, swamps, marshes;
The myriad things, to where they would return.

Am I white or Indian? I grew up in the suburbs with only the rumor that I was part Indian. I have a light and even reddish complexion. I did not suffer any prejudice from being dark-skinned. The only time I have felt a white person being nervous around me was probably when I have had long hair which I chose to have. Any suffering from the oppression of the "dominate culture" has been from my being an artist struggling against cultural norms which was also my choice. I have not personally suffered with the Native Americans since my family has passed for white for at least four generations although my ancestors most certainly have suffered which may be part of the reason our Native American heritage was almost kept a secret.

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