Yellow is the heart.
The wild-geese shelter;
Reuniting in Heaven.
Demons and spirits;
Lacking genii.

August 10-13, 1995

White Buffalo
Medicine Wheel Gathering

For Native Americans, the birth of a White Buffalo symbolizes a time of unity among all people, the joining of Red, Black, Yellow and White. In 1994, an actual White Buffalo calf was born in the northern Midwest. This is a powerful omen foretelling our need for unity, peace and healing, a need which has never been more urgent. The White Buffalo Medicine Wheel Gathering is dedicated to this need.

A Gathering of Shamans
The White Buffalo Medicine Wheel Gathering brings together shamans, teachers and healers from many traditions. Teachers of the ancient wisdom of Native America, Northern Europe and Hindu India join together to offer a multicultural panoply of mystery traditions. At the White Buffalo Medicine Wheel Gathering, the ancient is made new again, in fusion of modern massage techniques with shamanic healing. We will create a synergy of talent and experience greater than the sum of our separate traditions.

Our four day intensive workshops immerse participants in sacred healing using Yoga, Chakra Attunement, Guided Meditation, Therapeutic Massage, Sweat Lodge, Shamanic Journeying and Transformative Ritual. A Celtic shaman will introduce us to the Earth Mysteries and lead us on inner healing journeys. A Wiccan liturgist will teach us to create meaningful ritual. Led by Native American teachers, we will construct a stone Medicine Wheel and purify ourselves in the Sweat Lodge. Certified massage therapists who are also shamans will help us release long held inner traumas. In the evening, a skilled musician will lead us in drumming, song and dance by the bonfire.

What to Expect
With the opening ritual, we begin a magical healing journey in a sacred, natural space. Come prepared with an open mind and an open heart. The White Buffalo Medicine Wheel Gathering will help women and men find healing from the stresses and traumas of modern life. We will renew our ancient bond with the Earth, our mother. Our inner resources will be strengthened, our souls will be restored. Expect to experience a rebirth of spirit.

Other Programs Available
The White Buffalo Medicine Wheel Gathering is sponsored by Lifeworks, an organization dedicated to the healing of mind, body and spirit. Lifeworks also sponsors ongoing workshops in the Washington area. Call, write or email for more information about the White Buffalo Medicine Wheel Gathering and a calendar of weekend and evening workshops.

Lifeworks also offers private sessions of massage and shamanic healing. Lifeworks' founder, Ric Campbell, is a Celtic shaman, certified massage therapist and Reiki master with more than twenty years experience. He has developed a method of body work using resonant Earth energy to free people from internalized traumas and restore normal energy flow. Ric specializes in healing emotional and physical pain, particularly the pain left from accidents, violence or abuse. Call for more information, or to make an appointment.

For Free Information Call 202-338-6079

Email lifewks@doubleclickd.com

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