Reuniting their divisions.

Origin: (1:362/940.2)

So, many of you know that I have some connection with Native American Elders some famous, some infamous and some who will never be known by the general public, but are greatly respected by those who know them. There has been discussion from time to time here about some of the prophecies of different Native Nations and some controversy about who is entitled (or whatever word you want to use) to follow these ways.

Up till now, I've pretty much followed the "party line" so to speak, meaning that I've been pretty much opposed to those who don't have Native American blood following our traditions without following certain guidelines. There are many reasons why I took that position which would take a lot of time to explain, so I'll distill most of that into the easiest and most important one...it wasn't time.

Native American cultures are ALL different, just as all cultures are. Of course there are many similarities as well and that's what I'm going to focus on here. Most of the surviving Nations have prophecies of the time of Purification which I've usually called the Earth Changes. One Lakota prophecy said that the Red Nations would lie in the dust for one hundred years. Then the children of the white people would come to our Elders with long hair and wearing beads and asking to be taught our ways. That would signal the beginning of the Earth Changes. It was foreseen that by that time that humanity would be on the verge of destruction because of the excesses of dominant society and being out of balance with the Earth Mother and her other children. At that time the Red Nations would have to teach the white people how to live in balance and harmony in order to avoid the annihilation of the human race.

The best known of all these prophecies are what are commonly known as the Hopi Prophecies. The Hopi have never signed a treaty with the US government and for the most part still live much as they did centuries ago. They are the Earth Keepers, their ceremonies directly affect the magnetic and electrical grids which stabilize the Earth. Their prophecies are kept on clay tablets in pictographic form and by certain Holy People who hold the Oral tradition of it. I'm going to take the liberty to greatly distill the prophecies that are already commonly known in order to save time and space.

At some time in the past all the People of the Earth were one, after a series of migrations starting in the Four Corners area and ultimately ending there as well the white brother left on a journey to the East across the Father Waters. It was prophesied that one day he would return and upon that return he would either have his open hand stretched out in peace or he would be holding the spear of war. If he were holding the spear, hard times would befall the People which would lead to a time of purification. In that case, at the appropriate time, the Keepers of the Oral Tradition and the Tablets were to visit the House of Mica (United Nations) 4 times and warn the leaders of the Nations of the Purification. If they were heeded a time of healing and peace could follow. If they were ignored the Purification wouldn't be avoided. Last year, the Hopi Elders and members of several other Native Nations made their 4th and final trip to the UN and were ignored.

Many of you know that last year, in accordance with many Native prophecies, a white buffalo calf was born on the ranch of a white family in Minnesota. Bless them, they have been very respectful of our teachings and traditions and have allowed Native People to have access to the calf. As of this time, as predicted the calf has gone through 4 color changes, from white to buff to red and now to black the four colors of humans. This calf was a sign of the return of White Buffalo Calf Woman who brought the Sacred Pipe to the Lakota Nation and in other forms brought holy objects to other Native Nations. She had promised that she would return when humans had forgotten Great Mystery and the Spiritual Laws and were in a time of great distress.

What has not been widely known is that for many years the People of the Iroquois Confederacy have been guardians for a second part of the clay tablets of the Hopi Prophecies. In accordance with those Prophecies representatives of many Nations, beliefs and cultures have walked across the country with the tablets to the Four Corners Area to return the tablets to the Hopi People. These tablets have now been reawakened and this coming Saturday will be reunited with the rest of the tablets. According to the Keepers, there is NO possibility of avoiding the Purification now. We have actually been in that cycle since the middle 1960's but the reuniting of the tablets marks the final phase of the cycle which will be the most devastating. Holy People from all Indigenous Nations all over the world will join in prayer on Sunday morning and they have asked that it be made known that ALL people who understand the importance of these things join them in prayer then.

Many Native American Elders feel that now is the time that we may begin to teach those of dominant society who understand what's going on how to live in balance and harmony again. One very respected Lakota Holy Woman said before she crossed to the Spirit world that EVERYONE should have a Sacred Pipe to pray with.

This past weekend, I was privileged to be involved in ceremony which has left me convinced that the Elders are right and the time has finally come when we may begin to share these ways with those who come in a good way. Mind you, I cannot and do not claim to speak for all Native Elders or People. There are still many who don't and won't agree with this sharing, that is between them and the Spirits. It also doesn't mean that all aspects of Native culture, spirituality or even all ceremonies will be open to "outsiders."

I know that many of you are interested in these ways, and I would be open to answering some questions that any of you may have. At the same time, I am not comfortable with trying to teach anyone these things through this medium as I believe that that must be done face to face. Also keep in mind that I am not making any claim on being a Holy Man or any kind of expert on these things. Hechetu yelo Mitakuye Oyasin Thunder Origin: (1:362/940.2)

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