Deluding the Self's protection.
Unlike a single possession.

Journal - 12/12/87 - Rachel had a very happy birthday. This morning I mixed the whole box of cake mix, poured it in a pan and put it in the toaster oven until it started to gurgle over. I then poured two thirds of it back into the mixing bowl. The toaster oven didn't cook the cake very evenly and I didn't flour the pan, so very little of the first experiment was salvageable. I cooked the rest of the batter in a pan that was much too large in an oven at Ryon House and ended up with a cake that was about a half of an inch thick. I decorated the cake as it was with a clown decoration. I put Rachel in her ruffled party dress and took her to K-Mart where I let her pick out her presents. She chose a water-color set and some Sesame Street paint-by-numbers pictures.

I took her Ft. Worth to a performance I was involved in called, The Puppet Masters. I let her paint when we got to the theater...Rachel woke up to see the puppets during the second half of the show. After the show, I got out the birthday cake and the cast sang Happy Birthday in harmony and Rachel blew out her three candles. The cake tasted fine and Rachel was very proud of it.

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