(39) Ganesha 39

The Earth itself dashes down
In the torrents.


I have a bleeding wound in my soul
Which can only be staunched by you pressing your body against mine.
My soul's blood flows like breezes seeking your womb,
Feeling like slow Death,
From mixing with too much air between us.
I stand at my door,
My arms outstretched, naked,
Penis erect,
And I imagine that it could grow to reach you,
Or that your cool nipples could reach the backs of my hands.
I am caressing you with my mind right now.
I am enveloping you under your clothes
Even as you play your part at home.
Take a bath.
I'll be the water that tickles you
And clings closest to your body.

My every muscle trembles
In spirals behind my penis.
Just a thought from you
Would make me erupt like Vesuvius over Pompey.
I'm drowning in semen. I can't breathe.
Just think what your glance would do to me now.
Your touch!
A kiss!!
If you would only come to me now
So that I can tear through your clothes
With that knife between my legs
That wants to cut you clear up to your brain.
Yes, my semen is a drug
More potent than the mushroom
Exploding enlightenment and pleasure
Which rains golden to your feet.
But while it packs in my body
It is a burning poison
Spreading the darkest gloom.
I can feel my own sperm's oppressed freedoms.
Each cell belongs to you
And I regret being their jailer.
I would suck them out with my own mouth
And send them out to find you,
If only they could swim to you
And pour down on you from your water faucet.
And, you could lick that faucet.
It is almost as hard as my penis is now.
Drink of it.
Rub it on your body;
In your hair.
Send me your juices
So that I may bathe in them and drink
And break my back fucking the bathtub's drain.

My semen is backing up into my brain,
Causing me to run mad
Crashing through cars and walls to get to you
And bring you home.
My home is inside your body.
Why shouldn't I go home?
What could any other person have to do with that?
It is really none of their business.
I've crushed your husband's apartment by running to you.
I think he tried to stop me
But I stopped noticing obstacles
When I saw you.
My bleeding breezes blew many away before I arrived.
Then, my penis broke through all the rest,
Like the prow of a ship breaking through ice.
But then, all that hardness melted at your touch.
You suck me up like a sponge,
And then you squeeze me out
So that you can feel yourself sucking me up again,
And we become like a cosmic pump
Running only on light and love.
In my liquid state I become anything you wish to imagine;
Hard and real again.
We have bodies so long as they serve us
And throw them off when we tire of their limitations.
We mix and swirl
And become permanently interlocked
By our infinitely changing spirals.
A new universe has been born out of us
And we feel all its movement Like the caressing of our genitals.
There are no more obstacles
Because we are all that exist.

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