(371) Interview with the Birdman 371

Crossing the water, at the third hour
The transformation of man is completed.

Interview with the Birdman

Interviewer - Who is the Birdman?

Birdman - I am. I'm the eternal soul residing in the body of Bob Price.

Interviewer - Does this imply that you believe in an eternal soul?

Birdman - Of course. That's like asking Santa Claus if he believes in Santa Claus.

Interviewer - Why do you call yourself the Birdman?

Birdman - Well, I'm limited by the language acquired within the experience of this body and birds have always served as a link between this conscious mind and me, the soul.

Interviewer - You seem to be dressed in an unusual way (the Birdman is wearing a bright orange dress, Buddha mask, a brightly colored rayon top, and a head-dress made from a fan of peacock feathers.) Can you tell me the reason?

Birdman - My actual form varies so much physically, going from body to body, and in the dream world is very colorful sometimes changing as quickly as can be imagined.

Interviewer - Do you believe in God?

Birdman - I know Him, love Him, and am part of Him.

Interviewer - What does He look like?

Birdman - What do you want Him to look like? That's what he looks like. He certainly has many more forms than I do and my forms are only limited by my imagination.

Interviewer - And what limits your imagination?

Birdman - I exist in more than one plane of existence, and each higher or deeper plane of existence is less limited than my physical existence as it approaches God. God is limitless and encompasses all things.

Interviewer - Am I correct in saying that you are part of God in that you are part of His consciousness on the highest and subtlest levels?

Birdman - Yes, and all my present bodies, including this physical body, are extensions of Him. The conscious mind only has to think about Him in order to come back to Him just like an arm can be brought back against the body.

Interviewer - Do you have a free will?

Birdman - It seems free as it seems to move independently of God, but it is not only somewhat bound by the will of God, but is, by necessity, reduced within the confines of this environment.

Interviewer - Tell me about your latest video, The Airplane Book.

Birdman - I made this video to illustrate the process by which the conscious mind of Bob Price merges and becomes one with me. The body becomes more in my control and I can express myself more directly than I even can by talking to you like this at this moment.

It is divided into three sections. The first is documenting images from performances showing a soul trying to fly (or express its freedom from the body.) This is the ''liftoff'' of an airplane flight.

The actual flight occurs when the conscious mind becomes aware of an image of God in a dream while I express myself in a very clear and direct way on the clarinet. I am improvising, and, therefore, am being very present.

The third section represents a ''crash landing'' in which the performer (the body and conscious mind) is ridiculed by society.

Interviewer - The shape you are holding keeps recurring in the video. What does it represent?

Birdman - It represents me, as the conscious mind is able to perceive me, with at least as many forms as the 24 sides to this shape. The sides are divided into four main categories just like my forms may be divided into four main personalities.

Interviewer - What are those main personalities?

Birdman - They are the Mockingbird, the Dog, the Lizard, and the Lion.

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