(349-351) Mass Murder Dream 349-351

Turning the table over;
A couple are compared.
Their family is not stable.

Dream - Scene opens. People in a room, relatives talking about someone who is a disgrace to the family. Then a man dressed like William Shakespeare comes in to give a beautifully over dramatic soliloquy about what this fool has just done. Michael Cain comes into the room. He is dressed like a combination of a magician's, Robin Hood's, and a fool's outfits. He is carrying a gold bugle with a velvet braided red rope with tassels. He pulls out a pistol with a large barrel and starts blowing the people through the walls. The house is in shambles and everyone is killed except his sister. There is a light drizzle outside. A dozen Mercedes-Benz Cadillac police cars pull up trying to stay away from his big gun. Cain walks slowly to his Mercedes, his sister sneaking behind him and hiding behind his car. He starts driving slowly while the Mercedes-Benz Cadillac police cars slowly follow him and surround him. He goes faster and faster until they can't keep up. Then, he goes slower and slower, and they surround him again. From the rear view mirror one can see the police passing. Still looking from the rear view mirror, the Mercedes goes slower and slower until it seems to be moving backwards faster and faster. The Cadillacs can't keep up (or back rather) and suddenly a truck pulls out behind our hero and kills him. It's raining a little harder now. The police lights are spinning around us with red and blue reflecting against the rain. The man is dead on the ground, his bugle not more than a yard away from his hand. Three men in overcoats walk up to him and look down on him. NTSU music theory professor, Dr. Robert Ottman says, "Poor man. He was so intelligent but he just didn't know his place." They elongate. The end.

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