Weeping into the silken veils;
Making the great one the chief;
While the inferior man does not show caution.

A few days after having the dream I happened to be given some strawberry bread before teaching a class at the University of Texas at Dallas. I divided the bread among the members of the class and then I asked them to watch their thoughts in silence. Later, they were told to move their thoughts into a "transitory dream space" by remembering a dream that could continue. I began playing clarinet and resumed the dream described previously in my imagination.

Guided Imagery - The dark brown cakes and brown liquid caused my soul to leave my body while I was playing. My playing was an aural expression of a dance that I was doing way above the seated party (including my own body). My dance/flying resembled a fireworks display, for when I wasn't flying in magnificent shapes and patterns the performance would climax with my soul imploding and exploding. During one explosion, my essence spread across the whole sky and my pain and emotions rained down on the earth and my audience. High and almost inaudible sounds on the clarinet marked the times that I was soaring straight upwards until I was nearly out of sight. I ended by completely soaring away into the heavens.

The class had been keeping dream journals and, when the rest of the class talked about their experiences, each person had clear, detailed and unusual images that fit the patterns of their previous dreams. We could have talked for hours about the images that came into our minds within the 15 minute exercise.

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