Thursday am


Relatives revile their flesh and blood.
At the center, the very heart is blocked.

There's nobody but us now.
Jyl's taking pictures.

Dream - Nam Jun Pik ate with Bunny, David, and me in a trailer. We were at a festival and had seen John Cage. We were going to work with him later. We noticed that it was 7:00 pm and we were to perform at 8:00. My suit was in Les and Lissa's trailer. I was taking care of their trailer for them. One of their cats had kittens while I was there. I made sure they had enough water. At the gig, one of my students wearing a low cut dress was about to sing. She was very nervous. There were also some very young and nervous dancers there. My being there calmed them some.

Jim's instrument is working.
A great way to keep from thinking is to watch someone work. I'm also here if he needs me to help.
Mr. Penland is screwing with the door rather than turning on the water. We have enough water anyway. They're making lots of noise and I would rather they not be here.
I felt a record all-time emptiness but got distracted. I don't need to feel self-conscious.
We'll get used to each other. Now they're talking about the water. We're over half-way through the fast. They're checking us out now. I sort of feel like an animal in a zoo. I can't stop thinking, so I'll write in order to both slow my thinking down and to not have to deal with them. There's a clever mosquito flying around me. They're gone for now.
Feelin' pretty empty. I tried a half-cup of juice. No ill effects yet.
I'm in my forehead listening to the sparse cluster of sounds around me.
My new spot is better for listening. I play along in my mind.
Kim can be so funny without saying a word.
Some confusion at the showers.
Once again, I'm busy doing nothing. The others are doing quite a bit of work. Not me.
Sometimes I watch my thoughts and they lead me into an entangling mesh of my own personal problems.
That song from A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court keeps running through my mind.

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