Tuesday am


Three harvests without a leader.

Dream- I was performing with Dickie Hargrave and Diane Greg. It got pretty jazzy and we got so carried away with dancing and playing that we ended up without any clothes. I had a paternal relationship with the girls though. A dancer from another piece said that my music was hard to dance to and could I change it. I said, "No."

Most of my dreams have blended with my thoughts as I watch them pass. My body went through its roughest time, so far, last night. I feel like I'm going through withdrawals from coffee and maybe a number of other addictions. I have felt the worst discomfort from the heat and mosquitoes, otherwise, I'm having a great time. The best part is not talking, then watching my thoughts and listening. I'm never bored.
Everything inside and outside of myself is entertaining.
"Do you realize what you did? You walked through your eyes."
I am plagued by thoughts of divorce, debts, etc.
Rachel's sweet voice often comes to me.
I sure do have to pee a lot!

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