5:00 pm


Intimacy in kinship;
Advantage in active people.

theatre piece

High and Low

on the floor
shabbily dressed
degenerate, an animal
sounds, words, sentences
movements gestures of the most disgusting
depraved kind
curses, protests against Everything!
the Man mixes his words with
those of the woman
"Shit - God"

Sits on a chair
all three look at the audience
they speak independently
with pauses of varying lengths
all at once, alternating
in each performance a different order-
to some extent a renewal -
of words and gestures

stands at a lectern
beautifully dressed
noble, angelic
sounds, words, gestures
of the most refined,
exalted and devout nature
consolation, devotion in Everything
the Woman also has words of the Man in her vocabulary
but she may choose
whether or not to say them.

The child repeats words that it hears.

This lasts very long (at least 40 minutes). Then Man goes to the Woman and dances with her for a couple of minutes (waltz? in any case, they embrace), meanwhile they continue to call out their words: mixed, alternating, together, in the rhythm of the dance, with long pauses, during which only the shuffling of their shoes is heard. From the beginning, two noisy, richly-noisy instruments (for example viola with contact microphone and filter) play along with the man; they suggest to him things ugly and disgusting in nature and expression, or comment, support, ape, complement, what he says and does (also when he says words or makes gestures belonging to the woman). Two instruments with clear pitches (for example piano and electronium) play along with the woman, correspondingly clear and beautiful. Man and Woman react to their instrumentalists, freely adding words and gestures (of a similar nature) that occur to them or are suggested to them. The musicians prepare themselves for each rehearsal and performance by playing Kurzwellen, while the man and woman listen.

A different child should be used for each presentation.

6:30 pm

for ensemble


play single sounds with such dedication until you feel the warmth that radiates from you play on and sustain it as long as you can

8:00 pm

for ensemble

Meeting Point

everyone plays the same tone
lead the tone where ever your thoughts
lead you
do not leave it, stay with it
always return to the same place

9:30 pm

for ensemble


Think Nothing
wait until it is absolutely still within you
when you have attained this
begin to play
as soon as you start to think, stop
and try to reattain
the state of Non-Thinking
then continue playing

11:00 pm

for small ensemble

Gold Dust

live completely alone for four days
without food
in complete silence, without much movement
sleep as little as necessary
think as little as possible
after four days, late at night,
without conversation beforehand
play single sounds
without thinking which you are playing
close your eyes
just listen

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