A team of four horses -
One horse is lame, is lame.

A discussion concerning randomness or unpredictability necessarily has implications concerning free will. Are we merely pawns controlled by the laws of nature or God?

Free Will

The ancients believed in a number of gods who interacted with mortals in diverse ways. Mortals worshipped gods that corresponded to attributes that they themselves possessed either individually or in their city states. Humans were free to act in ways that were appropriate for the gods. Mortals who drew the attention of the gods either acted according to the will of the gods or suffered horrible consequences. However, not even the gods were all powerful. A god could not undo what had been done by another god and they all were under control of the Fates. The future of mortals could be divined by seers and by the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi. Their warnings could never prevent (and sometimes seemed to cause) the events they prophesied.

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