Active flux.
Since flight alters the appearance of things,
The transformation of objects can be made by the intellect.
Time: 7.
Time: 9.
The carriage rolls along its way.

In this situation, the video is affected by the feedback which is controlled by my movements and some by an audio signal which is run into the color quantizer. The sound is feeding back but it is kept from getting out of control by the ring-modulator (with its oscillator set at about 12 cycles per second) and the digital delay which mixes the input with the pitches with the input's pitches changed to a major third higher. The video responds mostly to my movements but the sound responds to even the quietest noises in the room. The audience was placed tightly around the performer who was semi-nude. This piece was entitled Narcissus in Hell. This system was designed to be very much "aware" of its environment, although what little memory it had (in the digital delay) really had nothing to do with this "awareness."

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