Active flux.
Great glory and prosperity
The effulgence of the Sun rules this element,
Advantage is stretching, stretching out.
Every imitation is forced.

The preceding discussion about the unpredictability and anthropomorphisization of photons brings up the question: what is consciousness? Can humans create a machine that imitates the behavior of humans so well as to actually be conscious?

Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness

There is no reason in principle why an AI program couldn't be developed that could pass the Turing test.

The Turing test specifically describes an experiment that puts a computer and a human out of sight from the experimenter who communicates with them by a computer keyboard. If the experimenter cannot tell the difference between the human's responses and the computer's, then the computer and its AI program is said to have passed the Turing test. The "strong AI" believers think that some day it would be possible for an AI program to pass the Turing test and that would be all that was necessary to consider the computer and its program as a conscious being. A computer might also pass this test without being what most people would consider conscious by portraying a non-communicative individual, such as a paranoid schizophrenic.1 That is a much too easy way around the intent of the test. The real issue is the big question: what is consciousness?

1 Hoffstader, Douglas and Daniel C. Dennet. The Mind's : Fantasies and Reflections on the Self and Soul; Bantam Books; 1981.

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