Rewards for journeys outside one's body
Such calamities are not great.

The Tibetan Buddhists believe that one benefits even more from the number and quality of mystical experiences than from the good works, that one may have in one life-time, for being prepared for the afterlife in the Bardos. The Bardos are the gateways to unity with the ultimate state of non-being. Fear causes the disembodied soul to run from its perfect place of rest to a room that becomes the womb of the soul's mother in the next life.1

Performance can cause the confused state that may be similar to the bardos. Could art's greatest purpose be to better prepare us for Death? My brother used to say, "You die a little bit every time you play, man." When we die for our audiences, do we enable them to face their own death?

42 The Tibetan Book of the Dead; Oxford University Press; 1957.

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