Compliance of water, being a series of aqueducts,
Does not overflow itself.

We're at Arrowhead State Park which is much prettier but it's still raining consistently and hard! Rachel's having a blast just talking and hanging out in the car. It's supposed to stop raining after midnight. The trail head looks great but right now it's just a series of beautiful waterfalls over moss-covered rocks. We're parked on high ground overlooking the lake and the bathrooms (which will be our shelter just in case something really bad comes along). Rachel has been coloring, drawing, pretending, singing songs, and just wearing me out in this little ol' car. She's talking to me now even as I write. She's a great camper!

I was asked to substitute teach the Dance Improvisation class at the Dallas Arts Magnet High school. I looked around for any clues to let me know what they had been doing and I saw a fresh new T'ai Hsuan Ching sitting on the shelf. I decided to bring it out and work with it for improvisations. A student poked around my equipment making me kind of nervous, but he seemed to know what he was doing so I let him try to set it up. I had some kind of new synthesizer. He spoke Spanish and I could speak to him in Spanish.

In the first century B.C., the horizontal waterwheel was our primary means for generating power, aside from our own muscles and those of our animals, but the wheel generated only about 0.3 kilowatts or about the energy necessary to light 3 common 100 watt light bulbs. Later, the waterwheel was set vertically, and the output was increased to about 2.0 kilowatts. Continued improvements in design raised the waterwheel's generating power to about 56.0 kilowatts, which was the capacity just prior to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.1

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