I have spiritual food
Together with your food.

I know that the experiences that I have described seem out of the ordinary. However, many or all of us share these ideas and experiences, but I think many of us either forget about them or have not been able to articulate them. I am doing my best to share my most intimate thoughts with you. I may not always have the skill because few have articulated these ideas to me. I am groping in the dark with only my allies as my guides.


Active flux.
Can be hard; can be soft;
Can be active; can be at rest.

Seeing difficulties, draws in its coils.

I will briefly review what I have written so far. First, I cleared out everything and then quickly brought everything back in, in broad categories until I had everything and nothing at the same time. In this chapter, I have tried to devote myself to the Muse which I have described as my art, among other things, including projections from and onto my mother and my lover.

I have not moved methodically in a scientific manner but have chosen a fairly arbitrary pattern from an oracle based on the calendar. I am attracted to the ambiguity of the tsan from the T'ai Hsuan Ching and am using it as a quasi-chance operation to add complexity to this piece which is an attempt at making a work of art that helps give meaning to some other of my artworks. I am using similar processes that I have used before to create art.

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