Plants are the central pivot
Without which the world outside would gasp for breath.

One of the greatest moral issues facing us today is how we are using and abusing the earth. We are constantly displacing other species of animals by taking away their habitats, hunting them into extinction, and through pollution. Just living and depending on the infrastructure makes me as guilty as anyone else for killing off these other beings.

The section devoted to the Dog will address these issues more adequately.


It leaves me.
It enters me.

Hopefully, as I address the issues pertaining to each ally, I will invoke the spirit of the appropriate ally so that it may possess me and guide my writing. The result should be that I will go beyond the capabilities of this 39 year-old youngster that I call Bob Price. My writing is part of my learning process in that I may learn from it and the being that possesses me when I am writing.


Good and evil are shown
By the four stars of the Plow.

I am not a saint, and I know that all the evil that I can imagine is mine and contained within my mind. Each ally may become too extreme at times which could result in some evil, however, debauchery belongs exclusively to the Muse. May I never intend to do any evil in the day-world! However, anything may happen in my dreams. I am most usually a "Hermetic" (after Hillman) as opposed to a "Herculean" dreamer. My morality adjusts to the situation. In the day-world, I live as a balance between the Dog and the Mockingbird who is much more heroic.

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